»  What actually is a Clipping Path?

»  Who needs Clipping Paths?

»  What are the benefits of using Clipping Paths?

»  What if I am not satisfied with the work?

»  Do I need to pay for any modification if need?

»  How will Clippingpaths.in benefit me?

»  Do you restore photographs?

»  What are the other services that you offer?

»  How do we pay for your services?

»  How do we contact you?

What actually is a Clipping Path?

Clipping Path are like the cutouts or stick outs that are used to cut out an image from its basic layer. These isolated images are then given a new background. Clipping Paths are used to achieve various graphic editing processes.

John Keats once stated - "Philosophy will clip an angel's wings."
No we are not here for philosophy or clipping angel's wing. What we can offer you is quality Clipping Path services. Most of you are already familiar with Clipping Paths. For others, Clipping Path is like a cutout used to cut the images from its background. It is used in a variety of graphic editing processes.

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Who needs Clipping Paths?

Clipping Paths are useful to people from different fields. Services offered by us are suitable for your needs and are easy to obtain. Clipping Paths are used by:

• Web Designers
• Printing companies
• Domestic Photographic Studios
• Graphic Design companies
• Lithographers / Prepress companies
• Database publishers
• Publishing companies
• Advertising / communication / design agencies
• Chain stores / franchise corporations
• Mail order companies
• Wholesale traders and producers
• Commercial Photographic Studios

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What are the benefits of using Clipping Paths?

Image clipping helps in removing unwanted parts of an image. This separated image can then be made into a new one by providing it a desired background.

Imagine you have one of your photographs clicked at your home. By using Clipping Paths you can get the same photograph edited to give it a different background. Clipping Paths lets you show fire in water and plants in desert. Clipping Path is like a guide that outlines the object. This object is later separated from the main image. Check out our Free Trial section to have a glimpse of our services beforehand. Contact us here for more details.

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What if I am not satisfied with the work?

Kindly make sure that you have specified your requirements before the start of project. We will make all the necessary changes until you are satisfied.

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Do I need to pay for any modification if need?

Minor corrections and modifications are done free of charge. However, further alterations and enhancements in designs will be charged accordingly.

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How will Clippingpaths.in benefit me?

• We put in the best of our experiences for meeting your expectations.
• You are spared of the repetitive and time consuming processes.
• High quality Clipping Paths.
• Service that meet your requirements.
• Fast delivery.
• Perfection and excellence.

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Do you restore photographs?

Yes. We provide photo restoration. Other related services that we offer are contrast and brightness adjustments, color schemes, cropping, removal of jagged edges, and adding & removing objects.

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What are the other services that you offer?

Overnight Clipping Path offer various services like:

• Image Clipping/Image Masking
• Vector Illustrations
• CAD Conversions
• 3D Modeling
• Specialist vector services
• Flash Animation creation
• Stock Photos and Images
• Image photo editing
• Photoshop and Illustrator graphics
• Web Designing
• Flyer/Brochure Designing
• Presentation Folders
• Press Kits
• Photo Masking
• Photo Colorization
• Photo Manipulation
• Face Touchup
• Photo Retouch
• Corporate Identity
• Logo Designing

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How do we pay for your services?

You can pay us through credit cards or wire transfer.

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How do we contact you?

You may please use our web forms to contact us or simply write to us at: info@overnightclippingpath.com

We will reply to your queries as soon as possible.

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