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Kitchen and Bathroom Tapware Trends in Sydney Australia

A lot of changes have happened to our world in the past few years, especially last year. These largely unexpected changes have consequently forced us to rethink almost all things concerning our day-to-day lives. Some items to be reconsidered include health management, home management, protection, architectural designs, prevention of natural disasters, etc. Whereas, there may still be more of these changes we have to prepare for while ensuring we keep getting inspired. You can learn more about Kitchen and bathroom Tapware trends by clicking here.

As a result, the kitchen and the bathroom tapware are also among the things that will invariably change in response to social changes. The designs and trends are to make you inspired, especially for the coming season of the year. Moreover, this article will examine some of these latest trends in your kitchen and bathroom components. Examples of specific items may include your shower tapware, basin tapware, wall mixer, mixer taps, and others. 

Bathroom tapware trends

  1. The Biophilic designs

Biophilic design refers to the integration of nature into your home through a simple but intelligent architectural design. Although the concept is not entirely new, 2021 has begun to show us that we are set to see more of it. These designs also positively impact people and places with the surrounding environment and the natural space. 

In terms of its potential effect on your bathroom tapware, you can imagine a biophilic design that maximizes space usage in connection to natural materials. For instance, you get to see the integration of stones, wood, and marble stones into the organic texture of the bathroom interiors. At the same time, it improves the color sensitivity through natural expectations such as amber, brown, blue, and green shades to remain versatile.

Finally, biophilic design and trends bring natural light into space and allow a smooth transition between the interior and exterior skylight in the shower. Meanwhile, it is getting harder to differentiate between what belongs to the external and what remains in the interior. It is hard to think of a more natural and free connection with nature even while you stay in your bathroom. This contemporary look reflects on your shower tapware, sprinklers, mixers, and basins to enhance the desirability of your wetrooms.

  1. Spa-like Experiences

Since 2020 shut down the world, it has become essential for designers to create spa-like experiences from the comfort of the home in 2021. The way we see the spaces in the house is now evolving beyond ordinary functions to the recreation of improved well-being. At least, homeowners can now enjoy a more private retreat and refreshing times at home after a stressful day of work. This success is possible when the tapware components of the home interior are supportive. 

In other words, a simple design of the materials coupled with rounded shapes can create spa-like experiences. For instance, some of the items you find in modern spas may include Phoenix’s collection, steam rooms, saunas and hydrotherapy baths. All these items can equally feature in other interior parts of the home, depending on the level of architectural expertise. 

Kitchen tapware trends

  1. Dark romantic colour palettes

Black in 2021 over walls, cabinetry, work surface and particularly tapware moves away from a perceived dark side to a feature colour. There is no longer the unwelcome reputation of its not-so-good side. Instead, it is now seen concerning other colours that you can combine. For instance, you can combine black layered tapware with vined granite or marble to contrast rich coffee brown and shapes of grey. Other options include wood brown, biscuit beige, and taupe for a warm and welcome combination, particularly in the kitchen.

  1. Statement tapware

Studying this term reminds me of the statement fashion collection that represents boldness and unconventional designs. In the same vein, the bold tapware has somehow overtaken the regular chrome finish in the latest 2021 trend. So, when you attempt to improve the looks of your kitchen tapware, your designer will recommend a surface that appears to be more complementary than a stand-alone. Statement trend of tapware is an excellent way to upgrade a ‘tired’ kitchen.

Alternatively, you can also consider having split finishes on the tapware, such as the matte black and brushed rose gold. This combination is more recent in many of the tapware products from Australia. More so, it carries s special lux touch with the brushed gold finish to complete the otherwise darker side of the kitchen colour palette. 

  1. The rise and rise of the island bench

The primary island bench trend is no longer new. Still, the recent addition that turns the story around is the addition of a kitchen island table. A professional in interior design, Van Kuyk commented that the trend provides a more communal space in the kitchen. Such methods may also allow for deeper conversations and emotional connections with friends and loved ones on islands. He added that such intimacy from provided space is a golden opportunity to embrace.

Meanwhile, there is a possibility of such increased adaptation for kitchen tapware as well. More space symbolizes more freedom to mould together supply, designs and renovations to meet more needs of the home. A far-fetched idea may be the mobility of these components to erect and fold them into a more valuable masterpiece. 

  1. Discreet storage

The recent trends will be providing homeowners with new devices and technology that we won’t have any other choice than to use. At the same time, it begs that we begin to make room for the changes around us. One of such needs is that of discreet space for storage that homeowners will start to desire. It becomes essential to explore new areas to maximize the amount we have and yet increase our convenience. 

One of the available options to achieve this feat will be bespoke storage elements in a multipurpose island unit. Others should have custom seating, inbuilt appliances, and reactive furniture banks with bright doors and locks or pop-up shelves. We may also enjoy having pull-out ladders, integrated wine stores and innovative drawer solutions. When we bring the exact expectations into the workspace, we can begin imagining toasters, kettles, jugs, and other items coming into the worktop. 


The trends of indoor ware, including tapware in homes and offices, should be a spark to enhance our imagination and expectation. Meanwhile, many of these designs are already abundant in the market and tapware industry at large. Whereas homeowners simply have to push for the idea they want or explore the available ones. Check out tiles and bath Co to begin exploration. 

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