Pros and Cons of the Gunmetal Tapware

Your choice of options for a tapware finish is not complete until gunmetal is included in the array of collections. As a result, gunmetal tapware is getting more increasingly noticeable among the options of new construction or renovations. Hence this article analyses the pros and cons of gunmetal as a viable option for tapware. For instance,, if you seek to explore similar content to the chrome tapware in the combination of various attributes of the others, then gunmetal is the ideal option.

The gunmetal is a crucial choice because it adds the boldness of matte black with the attractiveness of a chrome finish. There is no ill-speaking beauty of each tapware style for a modern interior design to please homeowners. The gunmetal also has what it takes to contend with all the options of the contemporary design. At the same time, you can relate to the contention that comes with the increased demand for gunmetal finish on your interior.

This collection also looks perfect, like the dark chrome, which becomes more understated among its equals. If you like, you may also perceive the gunmetal as the tapware finish that can combine the qualities of the matte black finish and dark chrome. It does this blending with all its advantages and disadvantages for a unique flavour. Below is the list of pros and cons you may expect from the gunmetal tapware for a typical wetroom bathroom.

Pros of gunmetal tapware

  • The gunmetal complements the highest level of design together with fantastic colour schemes
  • It doesn’t show your fingerprints
  • At the same time, it doesn’t show any watermark or soap scum as marks on it, unlike other materials

Cons of gunmetal tapware

  • Gunmetal can be very costly, especially when compared with the other types of finishes. So, the cost is the number one reason why you should think twice about the gunmetal finish on tapware
  • Gunmetal may not also be available as a finish on your chosen style of tap design. In other words, not all your classes and type of tapware has the gunmetal finish as its options.
  • Similarly, you may not always get matching hardware to complement the gunmetal in your bathroom. On the other hand, the alternative is to choose a different style or type of accessory to complete your gunmetal tapware. On the other hand, if your bathroom has a neutral colour or style, you can use the gunmetal tapware to spice things up slightly with a warmer colour.

How to select gunmetal tapware for your kitchen

There are common reasons why people choose one tapware style, type or finish above the other. But in this section of the article, I would like to talk about the uncommon reasons people pick tapware. Or better still, factors you need to consider in your choice of tapware.

  1. The health of your family

Isn’t that funny? You may wonder how the tapware choice may affect the health of your family. But the fact is that for people who worry about the water quality running through your tapware, your choice should be more carefully sorted. To deal with the contaminants of the liquid, you can simply deal with it through the water filter tap. Safe drinking for your family is definitely something you don’t want to compromise with your family.

Healthy water is also not only in the appearance of the water but also in the taste. Boiling water also gives you more assurance that you are taking safe water, but why do you even have to boil already clean water? Meanwhile, it takes a new level of convenience and clever work for tapware to deliver boiling water as a good source in the kitchen. 

On the other hand, boiling water taps can save energy and ensure you have clean and safe water to drink. You can even integrate this component into your inbuilt filtration system to assure you of the desired safety. Also, you get fresher water and sufficient benchtop space. If you want to enjoy the best of both worlds of the tapware choice, then you may want to choose the tapware that supplies filtered water at the press of one button. Click here to read about Kitchen and Bathroom Tapware Trends in Sydney Australia.

What are the most essential tapware features to you?

When we aspire to choose the tapware to buy, we find it hard to identify all the properties of interest in a single tapware. The implication is that having so many properties, you cannot decide which ones are most important. Therefore, what exact type of tapware do you plan to get? Do you want super-efficient tapware that is most suitable for water supply in the kitchen, laundry or bathroom? Is your water flow going to be slow, medium or high?

You can also have a tapware that has an enhanced LED-lit component with the perfect combination of features. It has an intelligent design that can bring in a lot of fun to the kitchen outlook, especially in the taste of washing and rinsing dishes or fresh produce of fruits. Besides, there are colour-changing lights, which is a factor in the temperature of the water. In other words, you can hardly fall victim to putting your hand out to extremely hot or freezing water. 

The reason is that your tap colour already gives you an idea of the temperature of the running water. This high tech tapware can prevent burns by accident or scalding water through its colourful and visual display cues for all users. In addition, you can also have tapware with a professional style that contains a flexible hose and a spray nozzle for the right design. In preparing food and cleaning up the home, everyone appreciates the efficiency of your tapware in a way that you can depend on it. 

See the WELS rating

The WELS rating is Australia’s Water Efficiency Labelling and Standards Scheme rating for all tapware. Therefore, when choosing a tapware, ensure you know its WELS rating that shows the level of its suitability for the environment by reducing carbon footprint. Meanwhile, the highest rating for tapware is 6 years, while any rating below 4.5 litres of water per minute is unacceptable. 

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